Sunday, March 7, 2010

Frocks, Frills & Grandpa Knits

I'm clearing out the wardrobe and letting go of these:

'Fifties Floral Party Frock' It's so fun to wear with its puffy skirt and cinched waist.

Black Full-Length Playsuit

Vintage shorts by 'Chic' with tan woven belt.

Plaid Frilly Sleeves 'Alexa vs Wilco' Blouse

60's Cut out indie buckle boots

Cutesy little Owl Ring (this little gem is too big for me)

I am currently addicted to Bon Iver (just like the rest of the world) and grandpa cardigans just like the one worn by the lovely lady below off this blog here.

I found the perfect grandpa cardigan before christmas at the op-shop. It had a cableknit pattern, was long and slouchy and it was the best grandpa colour out there, mustard. I tried it on and the colour made me look like i was suffering from a grave illness. Sometimes things don't look as lovely as on blogs, nevertheless it has been donated to a young 'grandma' girl and it looks plain lovely.