Sunday, June 28, 2009

New treasures and finds

A few of many treasures to be listed this week:

Gold and Chocolate Brown Quilted Chain Bag

Black Knit Pocahontas Poncho

Rainbow Plaid Dress

Peachy Vintage Floral Dress

Sparkling Sequins Electric Blue Puff Sleeve Knit

Cream Crochet Mini Dress

Pinks & Purples Doily Lace Collar Dress

The 'Sam' Denim Cropped Vest

Silky Floral Oversize Bomber Jacket

Navy & White Daisies Slouch Tee

Light Denim Little '90s Day Dress

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pink Bullets

This dress is bright! I never thought I would be into hot pink, but this dress makes me love it. It definitely brightens up the winter. I teamed it with my floral doc martens and stockings and got Alice to model it before i put it up for sale. Last night I was trawling through pictures and came across her dress and hairstyle doppelganger on Facehunter wearing something a little similar!

Tee Hee. All she needs now is a grumpy model scowl.

Bag Lady

Cookies & Cream Raffia Clutch

This cream and brown clutch is a large size which means it can carry all your goodies and treats. I love raffia, it reminds me of when i was about six and wanted my older sister's bright pink raffia handbag. The woven detail reminds me of seashells.

Tan Woven Braid Shoulder Bag

I seem to have gathered quite a few tan handbags. They are such handy little bags to take out and about. I particularly like this one because of the braided / plaited detail above the gold buckle. This one is made of Buffalo Leather. It will be put up for sale tonight. I will also be putting up some other accessories like a navy & gold chain bag, some tan woven flats and some black ankle lace up boots.


It's been snowing all day and everything outside is white. This means i will definitely be home to put my auctions up ♥

Much tea is needed to keep warm!

Dance, Dance, Dance.

It's really hard not to jump aboard the Doc Martens craze. My floral pretties (like the ones pictured) were so hard to track down and are now among my most prized possessions. I don't think i could ever sell them on. However, I recently came across some wonderful Cherry Red Docs. Their handsome colour goes with so many outfits. They will be up for sale here soon! (because owning two pairs would be a bit greedy)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sentimental Heart

I found this pretty cream lace dress in a vintage store and immediately thought of Zooey Deschanel. Whenever she performs in the alt-country band 'She & Him' (with M.Ward) and 'The Citizens Band' she seems to wear such amazing cream, flowing, folky, pretty, vintage frocks. They're the kind of dresses you see in Sofia Coppola's version of 'The Virgin Suicides'.

The cream, lace, dreamy dress will be for sale soon ♥

Dressed Up In You

A little lookbook at some of the items being put online tomorrow.

Navy & White Daisies `90s Dress

'Wizard Of Oz' Lipstick Red Gingham Shirt

'Button Me Up' Checks High Waist Skirt

'It's All Over Now Baby Blue' Denim Shirt

White Batwing Slouchy Knit Tee

Cropped Denim Jacket

Tan Suede 'Birkin' Jacket

P.S. Thanks to little Alice for being my model! I've had to bribe her with vintage dresses and a Ruby Suns tee.