Saturday, November 21, 2009

This week . . .

Cropped Denim, crochet batwing, dreamy 'Z-Berg' inspired cotton frocks, costume rings, heart shape prints and much, much more.

Next week i will have my last lot of auctions up for the year. Keep an eye out!

Monday, October 26, 2009


This blog entry is a little late and I'm not entirely sure why! I have been avoiding blogging for no reason at all (No exams, harrowing hectic schedule or trips away) Here are some dresses and finds I have had up for sale over the previous week.

1. Lavender Cropped Boyfriend Blazer. 2. Folky White Tunic 3. Pastel Floral Shift Dress

4. '90s Off The Shoulder Dots Dress 5. AhoySailor! Nautical Gainsbourg Dress 6. Vintage Brown Suede Heels.

The nautical dress was a brilliant find. It thought it had a Parisian look to it, and it reminded me of Charlotte Gainsbourg. I looked through a few images online of Charlotte and Voila!!.... there she was wearing something quite similar. The dress has now been sold, and it was lovely to find that a friend in Wellington won the dress. It's always nice to know that your favourite pieces are going to a good home.


Seaoflove Vintage is going on a bit of a hiatus. A friend of mine wants to clear her wardrobe out, so for the next few weeks i will be helping her out by selling her things online. This means she can actually fit all her belongings into her suitcase to go home for the summer.


I also have just started a nice new full-time job, so that will be distracting me a little as well. I still have a clothes rack adorned in lots of pretty tops, dresses & goodies. So before you know it, i will be selling a few pieces again.

Goodnight pretties ♥

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lovely Little Accessories.

1. Coco Chanel Style Navy & Gold Shoulder Bag 2. Floral Tapestry Mirror Purse

3. Tan Tooled Leather 70s Folk Coin Bag

4. Two Tone Leather Lace Up Brogues 5. Minty Green Cutesy Bandage Shoes

. . .

This week these items are all up for sale, except for number 2 (for now)

Usually I am very good at selling the items i love the most. I just remind myself that I need to make a living and that everything will be going to a good home. However, I still can't part with the little embroidery 'Floral Tapestry Mirror Purse'. I don't own anything like it and it reminds me of a few of last season's pieces made by MonkiGirl, which featured on LiebeMarleneVintage.

I went treasure hunting today and didn't have too much luck. My sister found a brilliant cape, a cane basket (perfect for taking to The Farmer's Market), a black crochet cropped poncho and a pretty art print of a bohemian girl with flowers in her hair. I found myself a quaint little wooden bedside table. It is white and has a pretty floral cut out detail around the top. I am trying not to accumulate any 'stuff' because i will be leaving overseas next year, but it was simply too nice to leave!

Summer Lovin'

These are some of the things I am selling this week!
. . .
The pictures show: 1. 50’s Pastel Blue Butterfly & Lace Frills Babydoll Tank 2. ‘Button Me Up’ High Waist Denim Skirt 3. Peachy Orange 50s Girl Summer Playsuit 4. Sheer Sleeves Lace & Tassels Crop Blouse 5. Gold & Black Frill Sleeves Skater Dress 6. Pretty Power Pink Vintage Summer Dress (as previously blogged about) 7. High Waist Black Cut Off Flare Skirt 8. Pretty Picnic Red Gingham Girl Skirt.
Even though there are no signs in the weather of the upcoming summer, I am still really getting into lots of nice summery colours, light dresses and skirts. I guess there's always layering! The peachy jumpsuit is something i bought online. I adore it, but I am selling it onwards
. . .
Happy bidding.

Pretty In Pink

This is a gorgeous dress with pretty and subtle detailing. It reminds me of the lattice dress by Opening Ceremony (as pictured) It is a pale soft power pink colour with a white patterned print. The dress has box shaped cut out detailing at the back. Where it buttons up are little pink buttons that have little flowers on them

This dress would be so nice worn in the summertime on a hot day with daisies in your hair!

It is up for sale now!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sneak Peek

1. Cool Kid Neon Body Con Dress. 2. Peter Pan Peachy Keen Blouse

3. '90s Floral Grunge Zip Front Mini Dress

4. Jet Black Lace Sleeve Mini 5. Cutesy Tartan Coin Purse

6. 'Alexa' Tartan Slouch Shirt' 7. Pretty White Lace Tank

8. Grunge & Glamour Acid Wash Denim Jacket.

9. Navy&White Check Slouch Dress. 10. Bohemian Girl Denim Vest.

These are a few of the items i will be selling this week. This week I seem to be selling quite a few things that have more of the grunge look, as opposed to really soft, pretty items. There is lots of tartan, acid wash, denim and lace. I have sold a few white lace tanks in the past and they have been really popular (I think this has alot to do with Lonely Hearts Club making alot of lace garments lately) They are getting harder to find, so this is my last one in stock. I think my favourite item for the week is the 'Peter Pan Peachy Keen Blouse'. I would love it, but i have to resist the temptation and let it go to a good home.
I hope you like my finds this week

Saturday, August 29, 2009

This week. .

A few of the things I'm selling this week. The floral blouse has a pussy-bow necktie and is a classic NZ piece made by 'Lady Lichfield'. I hope someone likes the little striped day dress with the white collar as much as i do. The floral tea party necklace is a one off, so you won't see it again. If you liked the mini harmonica necklace from a few week's ago, i will be selling my last one soon.
P.S. If you have seen the dreamy movie 'Coco Avant Chanel' you will see why i like the simple slouchy 'Sailor Stripes' dress so much.

Thank-you Alice for modeling.

You might like her too

Last year over Easter i was a lucky locket and got to see the beautiful siblings Angus and Julia Stone live. Angus was very shy and Julia danced like a pixie. She wore a pretty red vintage dress, with flowers in her hair. Her dresses and hair pieces are enough to inspire any vintage lover. She plays the trumpet and writes delicate, sad songs.

Their EP 'Chocolate & Cigarettes' is lovely, i suggest you have a listen. You might like it too.

Friday, August 21, 2009

This week . .

As you can see, i have lots of blouses, tops and day dresses for sale this week. I went on a little road tripping adventure yesterday and found plenty more goodies. I will share them with you next week.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Floral Frenzy

I love floral prints and always have. There is hardly a day that I'm not wearing something floral - be it a dress, or even just a ring (Unless i am at work, where i have to wear ALL black)
The floral skirt above is one of my favourite floral finds, yet it is just a tad too small for me. It reminds me alot of some of the glorious items in Chloe Sevigny's first collection for Opening Ceremony (Ahhh, Chloe). Also, check out the lovely shorts by Jaci Bailey.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

This week . . .

1. Hot Pink Slouchy Tee. 2. Nautical Blues Vintage Dress. 3. Floral Garden Circle Skirt. 4. Daisy Chain Gingham Dress. 5. Plaid Bow Tie Shirt. 6. Polka Dots Skater Dress.

And, of course, there will more items up for sale too.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Little Golden Goodies

Here are some little accessories i am (a tinsy bit reluctantly) selling at the moment:

The little daisy ring has a little creamy pearl in the middle. This ring reminds me of some of the pretty and bohemian jewels and gems they show in Russh Magazine, like the jewellery label 'LucyFolk'.

I found the pretty little golden handbag in a thrift store in Australia. After I had purchased it, I was flicking through Nylon magazine and came across Sofia Coppolas collection for LV and realized my new find was super similar! You can see her version here.
I adore the bow barrette. It is a big and pretty bow that has a golden pearl detail in the middle. I never get around to wearing something like this, so it is now up for sale. I hope someone else adores it too.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Be My Black Balloon

This leopard print jacket was the first thing to catch my eye whilst thrift shopping a few months ago. It is made from glittery gold sparkling fabric, has a 'pussybow' style neck tie and cutesy little puffed shoulders. Most of all, it reminds me of Alison Mosshart

She always looks effortlessly cool and not too much like a stereotypical hipster! Her band,The Kills, played in NZ a few months ago. It looked like a lot of fun.

I didn't make it to the show, living in the South Island doesn't help with gig going (in regards to international bands!) Does anyone know if her new band 'The Dead Weather' is any good?

The 'Alison' Leopard Jacket will be up for sale soon. So, if you like it, keep checking back!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sing me a folk song

Golden Gems.
I have had one of these necklaces for ages and i still think it is the coolest necklace on the block. It is a little harmonica pendant, that actually works. So you can play some Bob Dylan to the world, whenever you like! The pendant is a silver colour with golden bits around it. It has 'Woodstock' engraved on the front. It is so folky and cute! I will be selling two of these soon.
Happy Bidding X

Sunday, June 28, 2009

New treasures and finds

A few of many treasures to be listed this week:

Gold and Chocolate Brown Quilted Chain Bag

Black Knit Pocahontas Poncho

Rainbow Plaid Dress

Peachy Vintage Floral Dress

Sparkling Sequins Electric Blue Puff Sleeve Knit

Cream Crochet Mini Dress

Pinks & Purples Doily Lace Collar Dress

The 'Sam' Denim Cropped Vest

Silky Floral Oversize Bomber Jacket

Navy & White Daisies Slouch Tee

Light Denim Little '90s Day Dress