Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sneak Peek

1. Cool Kid Neon Body Con Dress. 2. Peter Pan Peachy Keen Blouse

3. '90s Floral Grunge Zip Front Mini Dress

4. Jet Black Lace Sleeve Mini 5. Cutesy Tartan Coin Purse

6. 'Alexa' Tartan Slouch Shirt' 7. Pretty White Lace Tank

8. Grunge & Glamour Acid Wash Denim Jacket.

9. Navy&White Check Slouch Dress. 10. Bohemian Girl Denim Vest.

These are a few of the items i will be selling this week. This week I seem to be selling quite a few things that have more of the grunge look, as opposed to really soft, pretty items. There is lots of tartan, acid wash, denim and lace. I have sold a few white lace tanks in the past and they have been really popular (I think this has alot to do with Lonely Hearts Club making alot of lace garments lately) They are getting harder to find, so this is my last one in stock. I think my favourite item for the week is the 'Peter Pan Peachy Keen Blouse'. I would love it, but i have to resist the temptation and let it go to a good home.
I hope you like my finds this week

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