Saturday, August 29, 2009

This week. .

A few of the things I'm selling this week. The floral blouse has a pussy-bow necktie and is a classic NZ piece made by 'Lady Lichfield'. I hope someone likes the little striped day dress with the white collar as much as i do. The floral tea party necklace is a one off, so you won't see it again. If you liked the mini harmonica necklace from a few week's ago, i will be selling my last one soon.
P.S. If you have seen the dreamy movie 'Coco Avant Chanel' you will see why i like the simple slouchy 'Sailor Stripes' dress so much.

Thank-you Alice for modeling.


  1. Hey! nice to have found your blog via Ayesha! I've seen your stuff on trademe before and it's all very fab! cuteness! xx

  2. Thanks so much for your nice comments Jessie. I love your blog too, i think i have seen some of your goodies for sale online in the past too. I will add you to my blog-list so i can keep up with your updates. (If that's ok with you of course!)

  3. awwww thanks for the lovely comment!
    I'm pretty sure as soon as I saw your listings
    I was like she MUST have a blog!!

    I'm so glad you do I always whimper at my empty wallet when I check your listings andsave them to much watchlist just to see other people snatch them up so fast haha

    Beautiful blog!
    Just going to check out your new listings now!


  4. Oh how i know what you mean. I often see things i love of yours too, but there are a lot of frantic bidders to compete with. That's a good thing though! My listings all closed on Sunday but i think i might put some more things up tonight :)