Monday, October 26, 2009


This blog entry is a little late and I'm not entirely sure why! I have been avoiding blogging for no reason at all (No exams, harrowing hectic schedule or trips away) Here are some dresses and finds I have had up for sale over the previous week.

1. Lavender Cropped Boyfriend Blazer. 2. Folky White Tunic 3. Pastel Floral Shift Dress

4. '90s Off The Shoulder Dots Dress 5. AhoySailor! Nautical Gainsbourg Dress 6. Vintage Brown Suede Heels.

The nautical dress was a brilliant find. It thought it had a Parisian look to it, and it reminded me of Charlotte Gainsbourg. I looked through a few images online of Charlotte and Voila!!.... there she was wearing something quite similar. The dress has now been sold, and it was lovely to find that a friend in Wellington won the dress. It's always nice to know that your favourite pieces are going to a good home.


Seaoflove Vintage is going on a bit of a hiatus. A friend of mine wants to clear her wardrobe out, so for the next few weeks i will be helping her out by selling her things online. This means she can actually fit all her belongings into her suitcase to go home for the summer.


I also have just started a nice new full-time job, so that will be distracting me a little as well. I still have a clothes rack adorned in lots of pretty tops, dresses & goodies. So before you know it, i will be selling a few pieces again.

Goodnight pretties ♥


  1. love your blog and all the photos.
    your hair is great.

  2. Beautiful pictures!! I also just love your hair :3

  3. Ooh, vintage menswear sounds like a good idea.

    And I definitely agree that I need to plan an NZ shopping trip, haha.


  4. Clara & Aya: Thank you! It isn't actually me, but i will surely let me my model know of your kind comments. She pretty much hates getting her photo taken & attention , but is nice enough to help me out. So I will tell her about your comments.

    Soph: Me too. You would love some of the designers here. X