Monday, June 15, 2009

Bag Lady

Cookies & Cream Raffia Clutch

This cream and brown clutch is a large size which means it can carry all your goodies and treats. I love raffia, it reminds me of when i was about six and wanted my older sister's bright pink raffia handbag. The woven detail reminds me of seashells.

Tan Woven Braid Shoulder Bag

I seem to have gathered quite a few tan handbags. They are such handy little bags to take out and about. I particularly like this one because of the braided / plaited detail above the gold buckle. This one is made of Buffalo Leather. It will be put up for sale tonight. I will also be putting up some other accessories like a navy & gold chain bag, some tan woven flats and some black ankle lace up boots.


It's been snowing all day and everything outside is white. This means i will definitely be home to put my auctions up ♥

Much tea is needed to keep warm!

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