Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Little Tan Shoes

Alexa Chung's collection for Madewell had the.best.tan.shoes.out.
The dreamy vintage style frocks, flowing skirts and cutesy schoolgirl style overall dresses were all teamed with tan leather bandage style heels, loafers, tasseled clogs and brogues.

I recently found these ones below, which look like like 70's bohemian shoes and have a similar look to many of the amazing platform clogs on the catwalks at the moment. They are made by Metros, who started making shoes in the 1940's. They are made from dark brown leather and have bandage style leather layers at the front. They have a buckle at the ankle making them nice and easy to walk in. These look super cute worn with heart print tights and slouchy socks. They instantly reminded me of the shoes worn by the models in the Alexa's Collection.

I have also been loving grandpa style loafer shoes and the teaming of them with frilly or pretty knitted ankle socks.

I recently purchased this pair from Topshop on Oxford street in London. They are called the 'Keda Shoe'. Then i found this vintage pair which i think are almost identical. These vintage ones are made from genuine leather with a bow shaped tie at the front and tan leather tassels. They are in perfect nick too!

The platforms and loafers are both for sale online right now. I also have some brown suede brogues and black lace up ankle boots available too.


  1. I love browsing your listings on Trade Me and also your blog! Totally unrelated to the shoes, but looks like you bought some amazing things in your travels.

    In your listings you put that you are moving overseas - where are you off to?

    x L


  2. Everything about Alexa's Madewell collection was just... spot on. And those last pair of loafers are perfect!

  3. Thank you Laurel, i love your beautiful dresses. I am indeed moving overseas, to Melbourne. One of my favourite cities.

    Soph, every little detail is perfect isn't it. I still love your Splendour 'Wishful Thinking' post. It too is freakishly spot on.

  4. Mine too! My boyfriend and I are also moving there early next year (if it was up to me we would be there already but he's studying til December). Good luck with the move - maybe we will cross paths one day in Melbourne x

  5. How exciting. Thanks a bunch, do keep in touch!